Thursday, September 4, 2014

The "Russian invasion of Ukraine," one week later

It was one week ago, on 28 August, that Ukrainian officials claimed that 1,000 Russian troops had crossed its border and was invading Ukraine.  The following day, they increased this to "4-5 thousand troops", supported by tanks, APCs, and artillery. 

Even US military officials admitted they couldn't confirm any of those claims of a Russian "invasion",   And it's been a full week since those claims were first made and US President Obama has refused to lend any credence to them.

Why?  Because it never happened! 

The US response, though, indicated a huge shift in its position toward the government of Ukraine.  For months now, they've "rubber-stamped" anything that government has claimed, including the use of a Russian missile to shoot down Malaysian flight MH017 (something I don't think they believe actually happened).

Far too many Americans, I think, bought right into that recycled Cold War propaganda ("Putin is the new Stalin").   

Learn to recognize a campaign of bullshit, people ... this one bore all the earmarks.