Friday, September 5, 2014

The real aggressor is emerging (hint: it's not Putin)

Let's give the devil his due ... let's not forget (or, more accurately, ignore the fact) that Vladimir Putin has been consistent and steadfast in refusing to recognize the "Donetsk Peoples Republic" and he has publicly urged them to negotiate with the Kiev government of Ukraine. It is probably to his credit that the rebels dropped their demands for complete independence, and have asked, instead, for autonomy within Ukraine.

I believe it was President Putin who acted to bring about the current "cease-fire" agreement between Ukraine and pro-Russian rebels in the East.  That, of course, put even more egg on Obama's face.
Ukraine readily agreed to the cease-fire, I believe, for one reason:  they are losing the war.  Ukraine's soldiers balk at shooting their countrymen and firing artillery into villages (what decent human being  wouldn't?) and they have been deserting in droves; some units joining the rebels, other soldiers simply tucking their tails and running away.

Americans' biggest mistake, in my opinion, is that they too readily believe their own propaganda.

Learn to recognized a campaign of bullshit, people.  This one, from Day One, has borne all the earmarks.

Masterfully played, Mr. Putin!

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