Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Tennessee Republican speaks about military interventionism

Over 10 years ago, and only months into the US-led invasion of Iraq, Tennessee Republican Congressman John J. (Jimmy) Duncan called it correctly:

"Neo-con interventionist foreign policies are only breeding resentment, creating even more enemies, and putting our children and grandchildren into a financial black hole so deep they may never get out. There is nothing conservative about the U.S policy in Iraq."
– Congressman John J. Duncan (Republican-TN District 2), 9/24/03

Congressman Duncan was, incidentally, one of only seven Republicans in the entire US Congress who voted against HJ Res 114 (the Iraq War Resolution) in October 2002.  Seven.  Six in the House of Representatives, and one only in the Senate. Of the seven, Jimmy Duncan is the only one still in office.

Words that ring even more true today than when Duncan said them.  Incidentally, Congressman Duncan continues to stand against a warfare state that is attempting to fight the wars of other nations, having said, only yesterday: "We cannot take care of our own people and our own country if we are permanently at war in the Middle East."

Who were the Republicans who stood for the Constitutional restriction on the President's ability to wage war, reserving that right exclusively for the People, through their electing representatives in Congress?
  1. John J. "Jimmy" Duncan, Tennessee (incumbent Congressman, TN-2)
  2. John Hostettler, Indiana
  3. Amo Houghton, New York
  4. James Leach, Iowa
  5. Constance Morella, Maryland
  6. Ron Paul, Texas
  7. Lincoln Chaffee, Senate, Rhode Island