Monday, September 29, 2014

Onward Christian Soldiers

Two Southern states I've lived in (most of my years were spent in Tennessee and Alabama) are both attempting to compete for jobs by lowering the cost of labor – wages.  American labor, if you can afford it, is good stuff. Both states have attracted factories, mostly automobile assembly I believe, and tout that accomplishment, yet the median income in both states is among the lowest in the nation, because competing with the third-world, on third-world terms, means choosing to join it.

The United States is becoming a modern "fiefdom," in which the mass of the people, trained to be obedient to authority, exist to serve a handful of powerful feudal lords, who own everything, and control everything.  The electoral process in the US is a total sham; giving the illusion of change, when it is apparent that nothing of any real consequence ever changes.  Each presidential administration serves the powerful, which in the US means the war industry, and each continues the work of the preceding.

But it is exciting to watch!  You can't change it, so enjoy it. You'll never get a better chance to view, close up and personal, an historical shift of this magnitude. It's more than the collapse of a global military empire; it's the reversal of one of history's greatest social shifts.  It's a failure of a great, and I believe noble, social model.  America was not just a great empire; it was a great world culture.

Pay close attention and learn but, above all, enjoy the show. You paid for it, so get your money's worth.  2014 has been an amazing year; and we are witnessing some of the most exciting events in the history of mankind.

Americans, given all the evidence of their huge loss of liberty, are easily distracted by the childish political theater in Washington that bears absolutely no resemblance to responsible government. They love that shit,  And they are led by the rings in their noses.  Like a hog to slaughter; and the rich are gutting America, just like that hog.

And you know why?  Because most Americans desire it that way.  They give up freedom after freedom, willingly, almost eagerly ... in exchange for protection, security, SSRIs, and crap television.  They desire serfdom.

And serfs is what they will be.  The real glitter and gold belongs to the new crusaders.  God bless our young knights in shining armor, the men and women who travel to hostile foreign lands to slay the Mohammedans.

Martyrdom is good for the cause.