Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Remember the Iranian nuclear weapon crisis

Nearly all US intelligence agencies have concluded that ISIS poses no immediate threat to the United States.  That's a stark contrast to the shrill war rhetoric coming from the White House. 
There is no threat; there are no terrorist sleeper cells.  Got it?

God, this reminds me of at time, only two years ago, when the war hawks in Washington were screaming for an attack on Iran, but all 16 US intelligence agencies had affirmed and reaffirmed that Iran abandoned its interest in nuclear weapons years before  ... declaring [http://www.newsweek.com/id/215529] that nothing had changed since the previous National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) on Iran's "Nuclear Intentions and Capabilities" in November 2007, which declared that Iran was not pursuing a nuclear weapon capability.  But the war hawks only screamed louder; hoping that by repeating the lie, they could make it come true.  It was not, of course, true; and their dire predictions of what would happen if Iran was not bombed immediately, turned out to be false as well.

The US had to abandon its plans, five years ago, to attack Iran, which posed NO THREAT TO THE UNITED STATES, in other words, an unprovoked aggression against a weaker sovereign nation, because no other nation in the world was willing to go along with that sort of thing.

And other nations had better wise up and refuse participation in the US war against ISIS.  Because they know, good and damned well, that the US promise to "destroy" ISIS is completely worthless.  In the past decade, the US government has not been able to destroy al-Qaida or any other terrorist group on this planet. 

But the best reason to stay out of this is because ISIS is America's baby to spank.  America created the conditions that allowed it to survive and to thrive.  Other nations would be darned smart to let the US and the UK handle this.   Alone.

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