Thursday, July 17, 2014

Why the US cannot support democracy in Israel

In most Arab countries, the US simply cannot support democratic elections. They won't permit open honest democratic elections.  The best example is, of course, the country of Israel.  There are about 1.8 million Arabs inside the State of Israel; another 3 to 4 million Arabs live in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.  The population of Israel and the Palestinian Territories is between 9.8–10.8 million.  In other words, if all the people of Israel were given the right to vote, Arabs would have at least as much political power as Israeli Jews.  In fact, Jews may be in the minority in Israel and the Territories. [ source ]

What remains of Palestine, therefore, is really a concentration camp [map below] in which 3-4 million people are denied the right of self-determination. Gaza is a concentration camp.  

Democracy is not an option in Israel. Israel wants to eliminate the Palestinian "state within a state" and make it a part of the state of Israel, but cannot allow the people who live there the right to vote.  If they abolish Palestine and form a single state, they can't allow democratic elections because Arabs outnumber Jews ... so any new state can be either a Jewish state, or it can be a democratic state, but it cannot be both. 

Which places the US in the very awkward and contradictory position of pretending to support democracy while supporting a government that works to prevent democracy in Israel.  The US can't support Israel's plan to annex the Palestinians' lands and oppress the people there and rule them dictatorially (allowing them no vote and no voice), essentially confining them to concentration camps, and also support democracy.  The US position is, therefore, one of hypocrisy.

Likewise in every other Arab state that's trying to move itself toward democracy and national self-determination (Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Yemen, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq).  The US cannot support true democracy in these countries, either.  The US position is one of publicly supporting democracy in Arab countries while working behind the scenes to subvert it.

The people of the Arab world are hungry for democracy and national self-determination; they will not be kind to those who act to suppress their aspirations.  


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