Thursday, July 24, 2014

State of Michigan attacks organic co-operative

While people in Detroit are living in third world conditions, where the city has been shutting off water supplies to homes of people who can't pay their utility bills ... but the state of Michigan decided that a more important problem was an organic farm close to Detroit that has been signing co-operative contracts, in which the co-op members share in the production of their farm.  Michigan says that the co-op contracts are invalid, therefore the family that owns the farm (Joe and Brenda Golimbieski) and the owner of the My Family Co-op (Jenny Samuelson) are guilty of "selling food without a license."  Oh, my goodness, what a horrible thing!
So all that food had to be destroyed.

According to a post on the Hill High Dairy page on Facebook, the agents from the MDA stood over the family, watching as the food was destroyed.
100 dozen eggs. Each egg had to be broken. 248 gallons dumped in a sprayer that had to be witnessed by the Michigan Department of Agriculture being dumped and sprayed on the field. 

It's not an isolated incident ... all across the US and Canada, independent farmers are being targeted like this ... farmers even being charged with a crime for saving their own seed for replanting.  It affect everyone.  Just like farmers aren't free to produce what they want, the way they want it, consumers (and everyone is a farm consumer) aren't free to choose what they buy and eat.

I read about this on The Organic Prepper, which is an excellent source for information on growing your own.