Thursday, March 6, 2014

No one's buying it anymore

Last month, after repeated threats against Iran, US State Department official Wendy Sherman conceded that Iran has done everything they promised to do under an interim deal which would lift economic sanctions on Iran. [source]

Iran has long maintained that it has no covert nuclear weapon development program.  The Obama Administration admits that it has no evidence of such a program.  That is the consensus opinion of 16 American intelligence agencies who said, six years ago, that there is no evidence that Iran has tried to rebuild a nuclear weapon capability since voluntarily halting it in 2003.  Again:  Not one of these 16 American intelligence agencies has found any evidence whatsoever that the Iranians have restarted their nuclear weapon program after having voluntarily halted it in 2003, although the US still alleges that Iran had such a program in the past; and has failed to provide is no evidence of its having been halted.

Nevertheless the Obama Administration is demanding that Iran "resolve past and present concerns” about the “possible military dimensions” of it's nuclear enrichment program, in other words, that Iran prove a negative.  Prove that something doesn't exist.

Sound familiar?  All this needs is a cheesy PowerPoint slide presentation and a tiny vial of powdered sugar.

Iran's response, for the past two years, has been to ask for the documentation of any evidence the US has to back up its allegations that Iran continues to enrich uranium for weapons purposes.  The US refuses to share these documents, which were provided only  to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) until Iran confesses that it had a nuclear weaponization program. Those documents were given to Western intelligence at least two years ago by an anti-regime Iranian terrorist organization and their authenticity has been challenged by Former IAEA Director General Mohamed ElBarade and other senior IAEA official.

The head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization, Ali Akbar Salehi, declared on Feb. 12, "The authenticity of each allegation should be proven first, then the person who submitted it to the agency should give us the genuine document. When we are assured of the authenticity, then we can talk to the agency."

Neither the IAEA nor the Obama administration has responded publicly to Salehi’s statement. In response to a query from Inter Press Service (IPS), the spokesperson for the National Security Council, Bernadette Meehan, said the NSC officials would have no comment on the Iranian demand for access to the documents.

The US has no evidence of an on-going nuclear weapon development program by Iran.  None.

They are trying to back Iran into a corner, in order to start a war.   The problem the US has right now is that no one's buying their load of bullshit this time.

If the US attacks Iran; it will do so without strong support from the rest of the world.

I hope they do.  Iran knows how to win such a war.  It would be another punishing lesson about hubris and lying. 

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