Saturday, September 24, 2016

An example of leadership I will never forget

Men like Donald Trump (and I believe we can all learn to identify such men) aren't true leaders in any real sense of the word; leaders don't simply tell people what to do, and from a position of authority or power expect people to obey.  That's dictatorship.

Leaders exhibit the trait of living as examples of the behavior they want others to adopt.  True leaders in Washington would always exhibit lives you could look at to determine who they are today, what they stand for, what they're willing to fight for, or send their children to fight for.

Here's an example of leadership I will never forget:

In September 2005, when FEMA had its hands tied by a federal government that saw the destruction of New Orleans as an opportunity to experiment with its new plans for privatization (or elimination) of social services, it was Al Gore who chartered relief flights to New Orleans. Those flights delivered relief, and evacuated seriously ill patients from New Orleans.

Even though he was a passenger on every single one of those flights, he refused to let the media publicize/politicize his involvement.  He was steadfast in his refusal to speak to the media about it, then or afterward ... and to this day, he has never mentioned it in any of his speeches.

He did that from his heart, as an American, for other Americans.

Can you cite a better recent example of leadership?  I certainly can't.

Al Gore doesn't have my respect because of his politics, he has my respect because he earned my respect as a man.

And I'll pick leaders based on that gut instinct every single time.