Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A world-class project: The Aizaha Suspension Bridge

Exactly four years ago (March 31, 2012), the Aizhai suspension bridge (photos below) opened to vehicle traffic in Hunan province, central China.

The total construction cost of the Aizhai Bridge was $610 million.

The United States of America has paid an average of $10.2 million every single goddamn hour since 2001 to maintain a military occupation of Afghanistan.

So the Aizhai Bridge costs approximately what the US spends to occupy Afghanistan for 58 hours.  Less than 2 and a half days!

Two lousy days.

Or, put it another way:  for the $800 billion that has been spent to occupy Afghanistan, the US could have completed 1,311 Aizhai Bridges (100 every year since the war began), or projects on a commensurate scale.  Every US state could have had 26 such projects; and the jobs that go with them.

Wars do not inspire young men and women to do and build great things. That's a myth. Wars are not strengthening and enriching Americans today.  They are weakening the nation – diminishing the nation.

Americans have a serious problem with their value system.

Don't waste your time arguing with me ... do something to fix your broken country!

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