Sunday, September 20, 2015

Most Canadians just want to restore Canada

As a new Canadian, voting this Fall in my first federal election, I was a little surprised that so many young people I know and work with (in a liberal Atlantic province) express a preference for Thomas Mulcair over Justin Trudeau.  I just don't see the personal appeal, though I support the party and its platform.

It was explained to me that Mulcair comes across as a very capable public administrator, one to whom important decisions can be trusted.

Our current government is perceived as one that had badly mismanaged Canada; taking the country in directions it didn't need to go.  Canadians (those I know personally), by and large, do not want radical change, they want a return to the Canada they love; and I, the Canada that brought me from the United States, at the age of 48, to start a new life, in a new country, in which I had no family or friends.

Now a citizen since February 2012; I can still see the Canada that enticed me to immigrate; and I see young Canadians determined to protect and restore it.  And that makes me confident of my/our future.