Thursday, August 7, 2014

A free society requires a free internet

On the one hand, you had non-stop propaganda claiming Israel's military was "defending" Israel from rockets fired from Gaza, while the social media portrayed a different reality, in which Israeli's killed some 1600 civilians, indiscriminately, hundreds of them children, while those Hamas rocket attacks have killed, on average, fewer than 3 people in each of the past ten years. [ source ]  "Disproportionate response" doesn't adequately describe what happened in Gaza.  It was an obscenity, and a crime against humanity.

But take a look at who believed the propaganda machine (people my age generally), and those who looked beyond the lies and judged the facts from reporters on the scene, and victims and witness to the attacks, reporting directly through the social media; confirming others' accounts, with images and video that obviously gave the lie to mainstream media reports.  In polls, it is young Americans, those aged 18-29, who rejected the narrative of Israeli "defense."  And that bodes well for the future; if only those young people can avoid becoming what my own generation became.

It was thoroughly gratifying to watch, not just to see Israel exposed for what it is, but to see the social media eclipse the mainstream media in this conflict.  Because, after all, that's our last lifeline to the truth, isn't it?

Turn off that tv and start clearing away the cobwebs of deception.

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