Thursday, June 26, 2014

Major Supreme Court decision in Canada

The Supreme Court of Canada has granted declaration of aboriginal title to more than 1,700 square kilometres of land in British Columbia to the Tsilhqot'in First Nation, the first time the court has made such a ruling regarding aboriginal land. 
The unanimous 8-0 decision released Thursday resolves many important legal questions, such as how to determine aboriginal title and whether provincial laws apply to those lands. It will apply wherever there are outstanding land claims.

Yeh, that's huge. Canada's Constitution recognizes the inherent rights of Canada's First Nations; this decision, unanimous in Canada's highest court, affirms those rights.  If affirms the Constitution as the highest law of the land.  This is a nation of laws; not of men.

The United States wants to take a convenient approach to civil liberties and constitutional rights; the inherent rights of all, God-given rights (if you wish), inseparable rights ... except for ...

That's a level of moral relativism I don't think we should stoop to. 

Canada's Supreme Court just upheld the Constitutional rights ... not of a minority; but of ALL Canadians. My Constitutional Rights.  The rights of every Canadian.  That's how it works ... those rights are not subject to the tyranny of the majority, and certainly not to the vagaries or policies of the current government.  And you never defend your own rights by denying them to others.  You defend your own rights, first by using them and second, by defending those same rights for others.
Go Canada.

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