Thursday, April 10, 2014

Snowden to NSA: Go ahead, deny I tried to do this legally

Edward Snowden, in a lengthy interview (20,000 words) with Vanity Fair which is supposed to go on sale later this week (it's the May edition) said that before leaking secret documents to the public, he contacted officials within the NSA, raising concerns about the legality of its spying.  Email records, he claims, will prove it.  And he has challenged the NSA to deny that he contacted people within the agency and voiced his concerns, which were ignored.

There have been others, before Snowden, who tried to get NSA to correct their spying policies. Last summer, after Edward Snowden took his evidence of NSA spying directly to the American public, previous NSA whistleblowers said he had no other alternative. Those whistleblowers went through the "chain of command" – the appropriate channels – with absolutely no success.  Actually (especially in the case of William Binney), they found themselves under attack.

Edward Snowden, absolutely, did the right thing.  He's a hero for it.

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