Thursday, February 6, 2014

That's crazy! They'd never do something like that!

The documents that were exposed to the public by Edward Snowden showed that the NSA has been pouring a huge amount of money into creating a metadata repository capable of collecting and storing 20 billion new "record events" every day and making them available to NSA "security analysts" within 60 minutes.

And what many already suspected, was no longer confined to the realm of "conspiracy theory."  The government's intent, to architect a secret surveillance system that would watch everyone, everywhere, and all the time, became public knowledge.

But the United States wasn't hurt because it lost its secret surveillance program; the United States was hurt because it lost credibility.  Because it was exposed, yet again, as a liar.  And that cuts deep, and leaves a wound that doesn't heal quickly.

What totally got destroyed was the defense that "That's crazy! they would never do something like that!"  That defense of the US government has fallen apart.  What was once squarely in the realm of conspiracy theory must now be considered in the light of what we know "they" are capable of. Simply calling something a "crazy conspiracy theory" is not enough anymore to discredit it. The incredible cannot be discounted.  Edward Snowen was a game-changer.

We know, now, that they'll stop at nothing.

Which is why I think it's worth revisiting the whole 9/11 WTC tower strike story. 
There were many variations of the 9/11 plot, and the facts keep changing, but the official story is so full of holes, it's not easily believable. In fact, that official story sound a lot like "conspiracy theory" to me. It is actually pretty preposterous.

Let's see ... in the official account of what happened, a sizeable number of terrorists (officially, 19, I believe) were able to come to the United States, where they trained themselves to fly large passenger airliners very skillfully, except they only trained using small single engine planes.  A few of them did this while actively being watched by the FBI or other agencies. They were suspects under surveillance, yet they were able to keep this major operation a secret for months.

So, on the day of the "attack", they hijacked not one
, but 4 planes, in a very close span of time. Despite the fact that the planes deviated from their courses, and were known to have been hijacked, and were flying through the most heavily defended area of the country; the US military apparently felt no need to send up fighter jets. One of the 4 hijacked planes was flown, In fact, into the freakin' Pentagon, only the most important and heavily defended military location on this planet.  Then they flew two of the planes into steel frame skyscrapers on Manhattan, two of which collapsed from the damage ... no, wait, three collapsed, one of which (WTC 7) was not struck by a plane.  The two planes that flew into WTC Towers 1 and 2 disappeared, vaporized apparently; the black boxes were destroyed, just like the one on American Flight 77 which hit the Pentagon. The black boxes were destroyed, yet the passports of at least some of the terrorists were found only slightly scorched ... one, in fact, was very conveniently found several blocks from the tower strikes, even before the towers fell.

And how, in 2001, were passengers on those airliners able to make cell phone calls from planes at high altitude? Have you ever tried that?

It's a pretty outrageous scenario.  Very difficult to believe.  But this incredible story is the one that was provided to the public.

In fact, if the possibility that they contrived the whole thing exists, I think that alone makes it more likely than not. The scenario they sold the public, I believe, is preposterous.

They had the resources, and they had the motivation.

And they certainly got exactly what they wanted.  And it wasn't a coincidence that it led to the current American security/surveillance state.  it was the most critical part of the plan.  It had to be done to justify all that followed.

So, are you willing to tell me, "They'd never do something like that!"

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